Shipping this Week: Scalers Wave 5, Robin and Joker Body Knockers

Coming soon to retailers!

Our first shipment in the New Year is extra fun for fans! We’ve got a new wave of Scalers mini-characters on the way, and it’s packed with frequently requested faves: Deadpool, Daredevil, the CW’s Arrow, and Catwoman. Also shipping are two new solar-powered Bodyknockers (think “reverse bobblehead”) – Joker and Robin. Look for them to arrive at stores soon!

Scalers – 2″ Characters – Series 5 Assortment

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Scalers Wave 5 Green_Arrow1_1300xScalers Wave 5 Green_Arrow2_1300x1300x Green_Arrow_pkgScalers Wave 5 Deadpool1_1300xScalers Wave 5 Deadpool2_1300x1300x Deadpool_pkgScalers Wave 5 Daredevil1_1300xScalers Wave 5 Daredevil2_1300x1300x Daredevil_pkgScalers Wave 5 Catwoman1_1300xScalers Wave 5 Catwoman2_1300x1300x Catwoman_Pkg

You’ve gotta check out Scalers! These cute, collectible mini characters add a dose of cool to anything they can fit their little hands around. With a sturdy grip and measuring only 2 inches high, there’s room for a bunch on any cord, cable, lanyard, strap and more.

The Wave 5 Assortment includes Deadpool and Daredevil (MARVEL), Arrow (ARROW TV SERIES) and Catwoman (BATMAN RETURNS). Collect your favorite characters from movies, video games, TV and comic books and take them anywhere!

More info: Scalers – 2″ Characters – Series 5 Assortment

DC Comics – Body Knocker – Joker and Robin

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1300h 61463_BK_Joker_SmallerPhoto1300h-61463_BK_Jokerpkg1300h 61462_BK_Robin_SmallerPhoto1300h-61462_BK_Robinpkg

Enjoy hours of body-bobbling fun that’s powered by the sun – no batteries needed! From the classic DC Comics, Joker and Robin stands 6” tall and rocks from side to side when exposed to light.

Collect the entire line of Body Knockers and watch your favorite characters work it all day long!

More info:
DC Comics – Body Knocker – Joker
DC Comics – Body Knocker – Robin

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