The Classic Iconic

To be an icon, you have to stand the test of time. Not even necessarily be timeless — who

would say Beetlejuice isn’t of its era? — but you have to prove your worth and

enduring relevance over many years, to rise above criticism and be of quality unflappable. Once

something or someone is an icon, it is more than the sum of its parts, something greater than

even its creators could have intended.

Today NECA celebrates the most memorable figures of cult cinema with out latest

Cult Classics line: Icons. The first installment features some of the best heroes

and villains we’ve ever unleashed, including The Crow, Beetlejuice,

GremlinsBrain, Michael Myers, and of course, Pinhead. Each

figure comes with unique accessories in exclusive, movie-specific packaging. The series

highlights how special each and every one of these characters has become over time.

NECA‘s Cult Classics Icons will hit stores by the end of this month, and of

course they’ll also be available online at our Amazon storefront.

Keep it tuned to for more info on Cult Classics and other lines

from your favorite games and movies.