WizKids/NECA, 4K Media Inc. Launch Licensed Yu-Gi-Oh! Game Card Wallet Kickstarter Promotion

Invites Fans and Backers to Share the Love and Win a Wallet

Hillside, NJ—September 17, 2013 — Backing the recently launched Yu-Gi-Oh! Game Card Wallet Kickstarter isn’t the only way to score an officially licensed, custom designed game wallet as WizKids/NECA today announced a special giveaway, inviting fans and backers the chance to win one of three free custom wallets. Fans can enter now through October 2.

Presenting the first game card wallet of its kind, the WizKids/NECA Yu-Gi-Oh! Game Card Wallet has been designed by players, for players, and is offered exclusively through Kickstarter.

400w YGo Card Wallet purple banner

Dependent on a successful Kickstarter project campaign, three limited-edition game card wallets will be delivered, free, to three lucky fans. The special giveaway runs today through October 2 and all that is required to enter is a valid email address. All entrants will receive a unique code that can be shared with friends—each friend who enters using that code will earn the initial entrant an additional entry.

Winners will be randomly selected on or about October 3.

For more details or to enter, visit yugiohgamewallet.com.

Visit the Kickstarter project page here.

About WizKids/NECA

WizKids/NECA, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NECA, is a New Jersey-based game developer and publisher dedicated to creating games driven by imagination. WizKids first pioneered the Combat Dial system featured in HeroClix, the most successful collectible miniatures game on the market today, with over 400 million miniature game figures sold worldwide. WizKids continues to produce new proprietary game platforms and properties including the award-winning board game Mage Knight, the groundbreaking Dice Building Game engine used in the critically-acclaimed game Quarriors, as well as the innovative Connect with Pieces puzzle building game platform. For additional information, visit www.wizkidsgames.com.

About 4K Media Inc.

4K Media Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., created to manage the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise outside of Asia. 4K Media is responsible for brand management, licensing, and marketing of Yu-Gi-Oh!, as well as production and distribution of the Yu-Gi-Oh! television series. The Yu-Gi-Oh! animated franchise, with nearly 600 episodes, consists of the original Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, has been translated and broadcast in 90 countries on many of the top leading networks.

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© 1996 Kazuki Takahashi
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