WizKids: Check Out the New Marvel & DC Comics Convention Exclusives!

WizkKids introduces two brand new convention-exclusive HeroClix — Marvel’s Shuma-Gorath and DC Comics’ Trinity of Sin!

He’s “He Who Sleeps But Shall Awake,” and they’re the “Greatest Transgressors Of Mankind,” but together, Shuma-Gorath and the Trinity of Sin make up WizKids’ brand new 2013 Convention-Exclusive HeroClix!

The Trinity of Sin consists of Pandora, Question and Phantom Stranger. All three figures will be sold as a set at cons this year for $24.99. The much-requested Shuma-Gorath — complete with an ARTICULATED EYE! — comes in special closed-box packaging and costs $50.

To the galleries!

Shuma-Gorath Con-Exclusive HeroClix!

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We’re proud to announce 2013′s convention exclusive HeroClix figure – the fearsome Shuma-Gorath! The nightmarish Old One has an eye that moves via a discreet tab on the back, allowing you to cast his sinister gaze on any opponent. Talk about intimidating.

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Trinity of Sin Con-Exclusive HeroClix!


Trinity of Sin

Greatest Transgressors of Mankind is the special power on the Asset Dial, and it allows the Trinity of Sin to choose a standard power that you did not choose during your last turn; until your next turn, opposing characters that are given an action to use that power are dealt 1 unavoidable damage after that action resolves. Talk about versatility! Greatest Transgressors of Mankind can give your strategy exactly what it needs, when you need it!

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Can’t Make the Cons?

Stay tuned for more details as we finalize plans to make a limited amount of these and NECA con-exclusives online.

Available at NECA’s Comic-Con Booth!

We’re proud to report that we’ll have BOTH exclusive HeroClix at our San Diego Comic-Con booth this year! Visit us at Booth #3145 all weekend long from July 18-21 to get your hands on Shuma-Gorath and the Trinity of Sin.

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