TOY FAIR 2015: A Recap in Photos

Booth Photos, A New Award, Plus Announcements You Might Have Missed!

Thanks to everyone who swung by the NECA booth for making this year’s Toy Fair one for the history books. Not only did we have a blast, we’re extra-proud to have brought home “Toy Company of the Year” from Toy News International and Pixel Dan for the third year running!

590x A Toy_Award_2014_01

To catch up on all the new items we revealed, visit the TOY FAIR NEWS page for day-by-day summaries. Of course, we also announced plenty on the official NECA Twitter page:
twitter 2-15-15

If you didn’t make it to frigid NYC (at those single digit temps, who can blame you?), check out the bevy of booth photos below for a virtual tour. You’ll notice we hosted a special guest in booth 4802: our new sister company, Kidrobot! Visit their website for more KR news from Toy Fair.


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1300x DSC_00781300x DSC_00771300x DSC_00571300x DSC_00241300x DSC_00221300x DSC_00921300x DSC_00471300x DSC_00281300x DSC_00151300x DSC_00161300x DSC_00051300x DSC_00561300x DSC_00621300x DSC_00541300x DSC_00461300x DSC_00451300x DSC_00551300x DSC_00081300x DSC_00091300x DSC_00061300x DSC_00071300x DSC_00611300x DSC_00591300x DSC_00141300x DSC_00601300x DSC_00131300x DSC_00121300x DSC_00111300x DSC_00101300x DSC_00041300x DSC_00031300x DSC_00631300x DSC_0027


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1300x DSC_00871300x DSC_00651300x DSC_00411300x DSC_00201300x DSC_00321300x DSC_00191300x DSC_00331300x DSC_00301300x DSC_00721300x DSC_00931300x DSC_00861300x DSC_00851300x DSC_00311300x DSC_00501300x DSC_00211300x DSC_00341300x DSC_00421300x DSC_00441300x DSC_00491300x DSC_00511300x DSC_00521300x DSC_00641300x DSC_00661300x DSC_00671300x DSC_00691300x DSC_00711300x DSC_00841300x DSC_00181300x DSC_0081

We’ve already started on plans to make Toy Fair 2016 even more spectacular — see you next year!

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