Soon: Toys ‘R’ Us Exclusive Best of Gears of War Action Figure Assortment

Next up in our series of Toys ‘R’ Us exclusives is a special Best of Gears of War Assortment!

You always want to celebrate the greatest hits, so the next in our Fall/Holiday series of Toys ‘R’ Us exclusives is a special Best of Gears of War action figure assortment, with two versions of the Theron Guard and a Golden COG Soldier!

Gears fans might recognize these as some of the best from our GOW 7″ action figures line — up to Gears of War 3 Series 3 at this point — and these variations make the exclusive even more of a collector’s must-have. The devil’s in the game-accurate detailing:

Best of Gears of War Assortment

This special edition bonus series of Gears of War includes variations on some of the most popular characters never offered before.

Golden COG Soldier

Golden COG Soldier features the special gold deco helmet and golden versions of both versions of the Lancer rifle.

Theron Sentinels

The new Theron Sentinels feature new helmets and are wearing the classic red armor as seen throughout the Gears of War series of games.

The Therons each include the Torquebow weapon. Figures stand nearly 7″ tall and are fully poseable.

Packaging Shots

Just so you can’t miss them on the shelf:

Golden GOG Soldier in package

Theron Sentinels in package

Keep it TRU

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So What’s Next?

Next Monday we’ll have another TRU exclusive unveiling. Make sure you stick around, because it’s going to be quite a revelation.

Alright, if that’s not enough of a hint for you, I don’t know what else to say. Let us know what you think of the Best of Gears of War Assortment by dropping us a line on Twitter, Facebook or G+, and don’t forget to check back in on the NECABlog next Monday for another Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive!